Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning – Week 4

The French army is ready to attack! With the battle imminent, all forces throughout the kingdom are scrambling to ensure that they are ready. The French are assured of their victory, knowing they outnumber the armies from all the kingdoms. But there is something that they have not counted on, and something that even the kingdoms overlooked. Citizens. They come out in force, ready to defend their homes, with whatever they could find as a weapon. As the citizens and soldiers unite to one large force in their respective kingdoms, the oncoming French don’t stand a chance!

Alex and Conner were hurled out of the sky with Lester by a cannonball¬†on their way back to the Fairy Palace from the Elves kingdom, and when they awake, they find they are being cared for by a witch! Hagetta, has healed their broken bones, and even managed to mend Alex’s wand. But now they must prepare for a larger fight, and one that will challenge everything that they know about magic. Alex might be the next Fairy Godmother, but she worries about being ready and fully capable to handle the enormous challenge that has been thrust into their midst.¬†But while her attentions are focused on gathering the armies, someone close to her is about to betray a small part of her plan.

The Masked Man however, is working on his own agenda. He has convinced the French General that they need a dragon if they are going to defeat the kingdom. While having a dragon on your side is not always a bad idea, there is no way of telling if this will work. As the forces converge on the Fairy Palace, victory for the fairies is far from guaranteed. With the added armies from the surrounding kingdoms brought in, and placed around the palace to ward off the oncoming soldiers there is more strength in numbers. But what they find, is the Kings and Queens of the surrounding kingdoms tied to poles, to be burned alive. Alex is still in shock that someone she knew could reveal her plan to the enemy, but for now, they must fight otherwise their will be kingdom to protect. When the dragon is finally brought forth, the General is angry to find out that he has been duped by the Masked Man. Instead of the dragon being used to help the French, the Masked Man is only worried about himself. Removing the General from the scene all together, he now controls what the outcome will be. The only person strong enough to defeat a dragon is the Fairy Godmother. Alex rushes to her side to beg for help to defeat the dragon, but it seems that although she is ailing the Fairy Godmother is not quite ready to give up. Dealing with the dragon was the easy part, but the Fairy Godmother uses the last of her strength for the defeat. But there is one last surprise awaiting Alex and Conner….

This week we are reading Chapters 24-31


  1. What do you think the Masked Man is really trying to do?
  2. Was Alex fair to Rook in the way she treated him?
  3. What do you think of Conner’s decision?
  4. Did you like the book????