McLane Children’s Family, Food and Fun! Welcome Night January 24th

Eating healthier can be a big change for families. It can also be scary when you don’t know what ingredients to buy, which can lead to spending more money than needed. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. It just needs a few lifestyle changes and you’ll be on your way. To help you get started on your new journey, McLane Children’s hospital is hosting a family wellness education program. This is the perfect chance to learn how to make healthy meals and change the way you eat within your home.

Here are the details:
In a fun, interactive classroom setting, this program will teach children and their families the health benefits of eating fruits/vegetables, foods low in salt/sugar, and daily physical activity (exercise). Before and after the program, parents will complete a brief survey, and parents and children will complete a voluntary biometric (height, weight, waist measure) and fitness (timed half mile, sit-ups, and jumping jacks) assessment. These assessments will measure a family’s progress towards healthier eating and physical activity behaviors.

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