My First Pair of New Balance Shoes

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It was about 15 years ago or so, that I went to Basic Combat Training (BCT).  Right before I left, my husband bought me running shoes that were one of the items on the list of things I would need to have purchased before leaving for BCT that  my United States Army Recruiter had given me.  Those shoes happened to be a pair of New Balance,  they were the first pair for this brand that I had ever had.

They were very comfortable, supported my high arches in my feet as well as overall support that is necessary in a good tennis shoe.  It was then that I feel in love with New Balance.

I am so excited that not only are New Balance shoes available at my local Exchange, additionally that New Balance is having a SALE at the Exchange on their shoes!   This means I can not only have favorite brand of shoes for running, but I can also SAVE money in my budget!  Now I got to get a new pair of shoes too just like my kiddos have for back to school. How flipping awesome is that?!

Click Here to see all your FAVORITE New Balance clothing and especially SHOES!  Check out New Balance’s sale that started on July 27,2017 and will be continuing to run through the month of August at your local Exchange Services! 

It is going to be almost like Oprah came for a visit; “You get a pair, you get a pair and you get a pair!”  <insert giggle and delight here>

I know that you will find a pair of New Balance shoes that support your feet; whether you have high arches to flat feet, there is a perfect New Balance shoe for everyone no matter their foot type.  They truly are a very comfortable and supportive shoe; they are also wicked cute shoes for various style preferences!