Meatless Monday Recipe

Happy Monday to you! Let’s start the week with a delicious meatless option. Have you been by the Kellogg’s brand MorningStar Farms website lately? There are some new additions to the website and they look amazing!   I’m very excited to share another recipe that I’m thinking I’m going to try out for Easter weekend! You’re going to […]

Meet Jess Smith

Hey Everyone!! My name is Jessica Smith…I do go by Jess though. I’m a 29 year young soldier of 12 years, mother of 2 and wife of a Active Duty Army Recruiter. I’m currently in the Army Reserves stationed here in Sunny California! I’m the new Coupon Matchup Blogger for MyMilitarySavings, and have to say […]

Meet Amanda Carreon

Hello!! My name is Amanda Carreon.  I am married to my amazing husband Jeremiah.  We are originally from San Antonio, TX but are currently on recruiting duty in Boston, MA.  We have a (currently) 21-month-old son named Zion.  He is by far the coolest, funniest, most adorable little guy.  I literally laugh until I cry […]

Everything is Better with Wright® Brand Bacon

They say “Everything is Better with Bacon” and Wright® Brand Bacon is making sure that statement stays true! Enjoy Naturally Smoked Bacon in Applewood, Hickory, or Peppered 24oz packages for only $5.39 right now at your local Exchange!   Looking for a way to jazz up some appetizers for your Easter get together? Well try […]


It’s FUNDAY FRIDAY! WOOHOO! The weekend is here and I am overjoyed. I haven’t had a ladies night in awhile so we planned one for TONIGHT and I am EXCITED. As my PCS time is nearing, it is good to relax at the house on a FRIDAY night with a group of great friends. Here […]

Commissary celebrates the MILITARY CHILD!

APRIL IS …. MONTH OF THE MILITARY CHILD!!   Your commissary wants to educate shoppers and encourage children towards a healthier lifestyle. “5-2-1-0” **Eat 5 fruits and veggies a day** **Recreational screen time for 2 hours or less a day** **Get 1 hour of physical activity everyday** ** 0 drinks with sugar** **Visit your local […]

Recycling Toys…IN YOUR OWN HOUSE!

Q: Does anyone else’s kids have toys they love but don’t seem to play with? A: YES! My daughter does well with playing with her toys, but sometimes she just gets bored with them…like majority of kids.  When we go to someone else’s house that has different toys, she’s all over them like white on […]


As a parent, I always shopped around to get the BEST deals on diapers and I ABSOLUTELY love HUGGIES and HUGGIES ONLY!! Thank goodness my baby is now 6 and I am diaper free but you better believe I can relate to the expenses. I always was excited to receive a coupon and here is […]

Safe in Sun with Coppertone

Are you safe from harmful UV Rays? As the mother of a very precious ginger I always find myself lathering her up before she even steps one foot out the door into the sunlight. I always fret about protecting her fragile skin from the invisible ultraviolet rays from the sun, so that I can help potentially reduce her chances of […]