Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Week 4

The Civil War is raging through the United States and Abraham Lincoln is becoming increasingly frustrated with the Southern victories. But it is not just the loss of life from war that is wearing on Abraham Lincoln, it is also the loss of life closer to home. His young son, Willie, dies after being infected […]

Happy 107th Birthday to the US Army Reserves

Happy 107th Birthday to the US Army Reserve!! Today marks the 107th birthday of the United States Army Reserves! On April 23, 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt signed into law by an act of Congress the creation of the Medical Reserve Corp. The thought behind the Medical Reserve Corp was to help create a Corp of […]

AMAZING Savings on Claritin products!!

Are you Claritin Clear?   With the Spring months upon us and Summer closely behind, no one should be left inside due to allergies. Everyone should be AT PEACE with spring, and embrace the outdoors.   Claritin Tablets are a powerful, non-drowsy medicine that will help relieve you from you worst allergy symptoms.   Claritin […]

Vegan On A Budget: Grow Your Own Food

With spring in full gear and summer on the way, growing your own veggies can be the best money saving trick. You don’t need acres upon acres either. You can do simple container or porch gardening. I love to garden. Usually there is always that one plant that outdoes itself. I have no idea why […]

Coupon To-Go Bag!!

Coupon To-Go Bag Hey everyone!! Thanks for joining me for my Wacky Wednesday Couponing Tips! Today I’m sharing with you my Coupon To-Go bag, and how I made it. My Coupon To-Go bag is perfect for the beginner couponer who might not have a lot of coupons to start with, as well as the individual […]


HAPPY WINE WEDNESDAY MMS FAMILY! Who’s READY for a SPRINGTIME SIPPER? Doesn’t this look mouthwatering? And the scenery on the picture looks AMAZING too.  Imagine this….waves coming in and a springtime sipper in hand. You can even have one of these on the patio on a warm spring night or in the comfort of your […]

Volunteer Recognition Day!!

Volunteer Recognition Day!   Today April 20th, 2015 is Volunteer Recognition Day! The day we celebrate and honor all those who are currently working or have been working to benefit others without the motivation of financial or material gain. These individuals dedicate not only themselves, but their time to helping others. They are not only […]

Do You Love Espresso?

Lately my husband has been on this crazy espresso kick.  I’m not sure if it’s because we are PCS’ing to Italy, but he’s got to have Pepsi’s Starbucks Double Shot Espresso! Good thing they’re on sale right now at AAFES: $2/4 definitely can’t be that. Hurry in and grab yours, only at your local AAFES. […]

National Picnic Day!!

National Picnic Day             April 23rd marks the day for National Picnic Day! It can be so enjoyable to gather the family, spread out the blanket, and enjoy the beautiful weather with great tasting food.  National Picnic Day is the perfect day to make this dream come true! If the weather doesn’t cooperate, enjoy an […]