Seven Days Of Army Green

With St. Patrick’s Day next week I thought we would have a week long “Army Green” celebration at our home.  I make sure my kiddos are dressed in their green on St. Patrick’s Day, but as for my hubby well he wears green every day…Army green that is.  So, I am starting a new St. […]

Value Brands!

VALUE Have you heard of the VALUE brand at the commissary??     Look out for these ^^^^^ tags!! Product prices were compared to name brand products to bring YOU the average lower price! ABOUT 300 PRODUCTS HAVE THEM! Frozen vegetables Pizza and Entrees Pet foods Health and Beauty care Cereals Cleaning supplies Coffee and […]

It’s Spring Time!

Hello, Hello, hellllooooo Spring Time!! YES, Spring is just around the corner-only a matter of a few days till it gets here [March 20th].  Seasons are funny aren’t they?  I’m referring to how certain seasons make you want certain things…Winter makes you want soup, chili, pasta and hearty meals.  During Fall everyone craves pumpkin desserts […]

5 HERSHEY Easter Craft Ideas

I am no crafty person. I can barely come up with cardboard cutouts or stick figures. Pinterest is basically the best place to get any ideas and then put my own spin on things. It’s the thought right? But pair an idea with candy and I am all game! I went on Pinterest tonight and […]


Check out these SWEET Savings on HERSHEY’s Chocolate!! As you gear up for the Easter Holiday head on over to your local Commissary to score some YUMMY Hershey’s chocolate for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!! For a limited time Hershey’s bag chocolate (Reese’s, Kisses, Eggs) are only $2.49 a bag and Single size Reese’s are only $0.50!!      […]


MYTHS AND TRUTHS ABOUT ALLERGIES  WITH FLONASE “MYTH: Flowers cause most seasonal allergies. TRUTH: In general, the pollen from showy, colorful flowers such as roses, daffodils, and sunflowers is heavy and sticky so it can be picked up and carried by insects and animals. As a result, the pollen from these flowers doesn’t get carried […]

Trumpet of the Swan – Week 2

Last week Sam discovered the Swans and their babies. Now the babies are big enough to start their migrations from Canada to Montana. The Swan parents have noticed that their youngest, Louis, does not speak at all, and they are concerned with the lack of communication, as young Swans find their mates through their calls.  Louis […]