It’s Football Time!!

It’s time to get your football on with Campbell’s Kitchens!!  Big Game Day – “It doesn’t matter if your favorite team is in the big game or not—this is one day that we’re all sports fanatics. Cheer on the teams with these creative recipes and party ideas that are perfect for any casual occasion. View Big […]

Happy FUNDAY FRIDAY with ChocolatRouge!

Happy FUNDAY FRIDAY!! Since VALENTINE’S DAY is next month, let’s TALK about mixing chocolate and fine red wine!! Here is WHAT you get!!! A YUMMY flavor and ChocolatRouge, milk chocolate wine! This is a mouth water combination to share with your SWEETS! It has a creamy richness and you WILL NOT be able to have […]

January Scavenger Hunt Rules

This month MyMilitarySavings will be hosting the January Scavenger Hunt! There will be one winner chosen at random…that winner will win a $25 COMMISSARY GIFT CARD! Not sure how to join the fun?  Here’s how: 1.      Make sure you’re a member of MyMilitarySavings. It’s FREE!   2.    Be on the lookout for the four January Scavenger Hunt questions!  The questions will be […]

Storyteller – Week 3

Jack has been elevated to the position of Royal Storyteller. King Alphonse has finally understood that Jack’s stories are not always fun, and that they sometimes have small bitter truths mixed in.But even in life, nothing is assured.  Stelinda and Jack have fallen in love, planned to marry, suffered the death of her father, and […]

Flight of the Sparrow – Week 3

Returning to the English is not as easy as Mary thought it would be. While she was enslaved to the Indians, she wondered where her husband was, where her children were, and whether she would ever see freedom again. One of the Praying Indians has taken an interest in her, and has shown her kindness […]

Celebrating the Small Things

Ever think it was silly to celebrate the small things in life, because we always usually only celebrate the big things-birthday’s, anniversaries, retirements, etc.  But why can’t we celebrate the small things we love?  This Month is National Oatmeal Month and do you know what day falls during National Oatmeal Month?  National Granola Bar Day, […]

Thank You MyMilitarySavings

We love to hear from our fans!….. “We just received the prize pack from My family was very surprised by the quantity and the variety of the prizes, and we are grateful to have received this prize pack.    Thank you for offering such great contests and such great savings!”  ~Tanya G.~ Comments