Party Horns Turned Into Elephant Trunks!

It’s been birthday party CENTRAL around here and we have accumulated so much junk from all of the goody bags, it is insane.  I’ve been on both ends of the goody bag game – the receiving end, and then I’ve also been the parent putting them together trying to determine what knickknacks would be appropriate for both genders and for all age groups. You know, so everyone gets the same things and you aren’t separating certain bags with scented lotions, others with race cars, and then the few that are completely peanut and latex free. This is why at every birthday party you take your child to, chances are you are going home with bubbles, stickers, and party horns. It’s just easy!!!

So yes, we have a few party horns laying around to say the least. My littlest munchkin was blowing one constantly the other morning, like, constantly, when I asked her to stop. She told me she wasn’t doing anything.  I responded that her nose was growing (get it? The Pinocchio reference) and *BAM* an idea just hit me. Why couldn’t we make this party horn look like an actual nose?? An elephant nose, to be exact, because it was the only animal I could think of where it would make sense. It wouldn’t solve my I’m-so-tired-of-hearing-the-horn-blowing dilemma but it would keep my goofball busy for a bit. Plus, it just ended up so cute!

Chances are you have one of those old school party favors laying around in one of the kid’s drawers. Pull it out, and grab these other things to get started in on the fun! You’ll need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors, pencil
  • Colored Markers

To begin, trace the shape of an elephant head on the cardboard like shown in the photo below. Then add a body. I’m talking very general, basic shapes here. This is not an advanced art course.

Next, cut out your elephant shape and a hole for the mouth large enough to fit the party horn through. Then add eyes, hooves, and a neck line.

Let your cutie patootie color it in!

Place the party horn in the mouth and call it DONE!

Blow, baby, blow!!!

If you want to put some sort of educational spin on this, teach your little one a bit about these amazing mammals. I found a fantastic and entertaining 15 minute video on elephants that you can view below. It is even narrated by a child which I think made it a bit more interesting for my little one to follow. She learned quite a bit and we spent a while discussing these facts afterwards.

Now… prepare to hear those horns honking all. day. long.

🙂 Enjoy!!

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