PCS and My Family

Moving on a regular basis is part of being in a Military Family.  As summer is arriving so are PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders; although, there is nothing permanent about where your next duty station will be. We all know that things can be changed at any point, but having those paper orders in hand begins to ease some of the stress.

My husband has recently come up on PCS orders, and so we are already in preparation for moving.  We are excited to be going to our next duty station!  For the first time in really long time, we’ll be closer to family. Within an hour of family, to be exact!  So this is perfect for our family, but it is also going to be very busy!

Click here for your PCS Checklist from Military.com

We’ve already started getting ready.  We’re getting items that we won’t need and or don’t use between now and our PCS packed up.  We are getting rid of excess also.  This means donations, yard sales and throwing out the junk (i.e.: broken things or things that are missing parts, like the kids toys/games).

Here is a PCS top three essentials list from my husband’s (the Service Member) and mine (the spouse) points of view:

  1. Start looking into where you will live.
  2. Check into what the schools that will be in your district.
  3. Make a good solid financial plan for the excess expenses for moving and for any possible hiccups that might occur during your PCS. Its good to plan for perfect, and not so perfect moves! There are always surprises.

Here is a list of helpful sites with links included (just click on the list below to be directly linked to their website)



Groupon Moving Discounts & Coupons

Military DITY move quotes and discounts

Budget Truck Rentals Military Discounts

PODS Storage Military Discounts

In addition you will want to look into your new duty station.  Check out their official website, contact them about getting a welcome packet mailed to you if possible and research any information you and or your family may need.

One of the biggest things to remember is RELAX! Make your game plan, plan room by room, and maintain your sanity! For each of you PCSing this year, we send our best wishes for a peaceful and easy time!