Pcsing Season


There is something special about the extended military family. A nuclear family is special in of itself, but when you have an extended family tree that grows roots like a dandelion because of the military, it becomes extra special. The bond that is formed becomes intertwined with memories, tokens, photos, vacations, moments that can never be broken.

With each new family that you welcome into your own comes that dreaded season, that lump in the back of your throat, PCS: Permanent Change of Station. It can happen within a week, or orders written a year out. No matter when your ‘family’ may be moving on into the great unknown, there is still time to make the best of it.


Around the world, the next state, across the ocean, across the country, keep in touch using these great tips:

  • social media
  • email
  • snail mail
  • telephone
  • video chat
  • or a special way you both come up with on your own (do share!)


Just because you are no longer within minutes away from each other does not mean our bond will be lost. Remember that the military is known for being capricious, your extended family could always end up at the same duty station again! What a great thought to hang on to! Keep your heart open to change and to the new O’hana entering! Cheers to PCS Season!~