Personalize your Valentine with Hearts for Heroes Pillows

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Are you searching for the perfect Valentines Day gift? Stuck trying to find something that is not the normal “run of the mill” gift? Valentines is full of candy, flowers and jewelry. Be different and give a Hearts for Heroes pillow! It is a one of a kind gift – that you can personalize yourself – for all the special people in your life. Hearts for Heroes allows you to gift your own conversation heart, one that is huggable and lasts a lot longer than a box of candy. Gift from the heart, and creates a memory that will last a lifetime.

Right now you can get the Hearts For Heroes pillow at a special discounted rate – just in time for Valentines Day!! Whether you are sending to a loved one overseas, or wanting to give them to your special someone closer to home,  this is a perfect opportunity! Man or woman, child, teenager, grandparent — the list is endless on who you can give these personalized pillows to! Once you get your pillow, you can write your own personalized note on it. Use the pen provided to inscribe that note from the heart. From the ages of 0-99, these pillows present a unique gift that will never get old! Give a gift that will never wilt or lose its flavor. Whether used for decoration or for nightly cuddles, Hearts for Heroes is the perfect way to send your sentiments this valentine holiday.

Shop wherever you are! Whether you are deployed, stateside or assigned an overseas location, your pillow can get to you! Shopping is easy!  Click the link, and get your Hearts for Heroes pillow today! With these fantastic prices, you can get one for every member of your family! Available in two brilliant colors, Hearts for Heroes will show your loved one how much of a hero they are to you.

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!