Most of us at some point of another have at least jokingly said we wanted to dress up our fur babies in our United States Service Members uniform.  Imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery; what better way to let our fur babies flatter their mommies and daddies than to dress up like them. Some of us dress up our children like their mommies and daddies, so why not the fur babies?  After all, there are many of us Military Families whom only have fur babies as our children.

I used to want to dress up our little Chihuahua, Bruiser to look like my husband when he was an Army Drill Sergeant (DS) back on the trail several years ago.  I wanted the outfit to be the blouse complete with a little DS brown round!    What is cuter than a little tiny 4 lb. fur baby who believes he is larger than life to be dressed like one the most larger than life personas in this Military life of ours.   I still imagine doing it, although now I think that since my husband has hung up his brown round DS hat, that I would just stick to the blouse for our little Bruiser.  I think about picking him up from a deployment or after along time away due to TDY or field time with our little furry baby in tow wearing a uniform.  To me it is absolutely adorable when I picture it.

Do you think about doing things like that with your furry ones?  Have you done it? If so I would love to hear about it and maybe I would be able to share some of your pictures and stories for Pets in the Military. Our fur babies may not be human, but if they are anything like my Brusier, they sure think they are! Why not pamper them and brag about them like we would any kiddo!