Rainbows and Unicorns Oh My!

Recently we threw my daughter a Rainbow’s and Unicorn’s 1st birthday party. I found so many amazingly cute ideas and things to try, that it was actually really difficult for me to pick certain ideas over the others. However, I was also on a budget, so I did my best to pick out things that were also budget-friendly ideas as well.

  • My backdrop started with basic plastic table cloths. We threaded them together on top with yarn to create the bunching effect on top. We then blew up different sized balloons and used thumb tacks to place them at the top of the rainbow.

  • Next let’s talk food! My friend made the most amazing unicorn cake and matching cupcakes. I made a super simple rainbow veggie tray using cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, yellow bell pepper, cucumbers, and black olives (they look purple). My sister-in-law made the fruit tray with strawberries, mandarines, pineapple, green grapes, and blueberries. So cute and simple! Then I also whipped up Rainbow marshmallow treats and rainbow white chocolate pretzel sticks. We ordered pizza as the main dish.


  • Finally we finished it off with a ballon bouquet on each side and a rainbow happy birthday sign.


And here is our beautiful birthday girl!