School is Out For Summer

Well, Zion did it! He made it through his 1st year (well half year) of school and I couldn’t be more proud of him! The progress he has made in both speech and social skills is amazing, and he is at a completely different place then he was this time last year. I mean, he is speaking to me in list, yes literally making 4-5 step list and telling them to me. He still a bit hard to understand at times, and people still have to look to me to ask what he is saying, but hey, we are getting there. His vocabulary has expanded and he is saying words and phrases I didn’t even realize that he knew. He tells me about bugs, their body parts, and the differences between, different weather events (hurricanes, acid rain, etc), and of course, about dinosaurs. He got his end of the year award for Excellence in Academics and one for Excellence in Behavior. Fortunately school never saw a melt down from Zion. I know that may change one day, but for now, he’s been doing amazing at school.



So now me, Zion, and Amaiah are home for the summer. Zion is usually a breeze, but Amaiah on the other hand is like taking care of 3 kids at once! Zion has an iPad, so during the school year he was usually allowed 1 hour a day on it. During summer break I let him have 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon. However, lately we have been going to the gym in the morning so his iPad in the morning has not been happening. Oh speaking of the gym, Zion has been willingly staying at the gym daycare. I used to have to bribe him so I could go and workout. However, I think now that Amaiah is bigger and really mobile (she runs) he feels a sense of responsibility for her. I know, a 4 year old (soon-to-be) may not really know what responsibility is, but I actually think Zion does. He holds her hand and when I walk in to pick them up he is usually near her. The daycare lady even told me that he told someone “be careful with baby.” Yes, Zion calls Amaiah “baby” but he also does know her name. He has called her that since she was born. I actually have cousins that have called each other “brother” (they are brothers) their entire lives. They are now like 23 and 28 I think, and still call each other that. Maybe one day Zion will actually use her name, haha.


Thank you all for reading and watching. Zion was excited to make a video since we hadn’t done it in so long. We appreciate all the support that we get on a daily basis. I have had many people that come to me for advice and questions regarding their own child. The Autism “label” has done nothing but benefited my family in a positive way. We have been able to get Zion the appropriate services and watched him make so much progress. He started speech therapy when he was 18 months old, and he will be 4 next month. We have challenges, and bumps in the road, but any challenge is worth fighting for my son. Have a great week! Thank you again.