School’s Out For Summer!~


There are over two million military-connected school aged children starting their summers tomorrow, or have already started their summers this week! That can be a great thing and a hassle all wrapped up in one. There is not way to keep a child entertained 24/7. If you have that child, my hats off to you! Also, Calliou is not welcome here for more than 20 minutes! šŸ˜‰

These past few weeks I have been preparing calender’s full of ideas for busy days and lazy days to keep the mojo flowing during the ten weeks that my children have off. I have complied a list for Y’all too!


Some great summer ideas include:

  • Scrap-booking the past year’s massive amounts of artwork
  • Organizing the clothes that will fit over the summer and donating the clothes that do not
  • Volunteering at the local animal shelter
  • Getting involved in the community garden club
  • Joining the summer reading club at the local library
  • Filling water ballons until we run out of buckets
  • Signing up for a free family fitness move encourage serveĀ group
  • Compiling a stack of DVD’s for the lazy dog days of summer
  • Grabbing the sunscreen and hitting the neighborhood pool
  • Finding the hose and water fighting till the fingers are pruned
  • Exploring the regional parks and all that this beautiful world has to offer


No matter what Y’all decide to do this summer, make the best of all the togetherness. It will be over before you have a chance to blink! Remember to stay hydrated, stay safe, and stay sane this summer Y’all!~