Sweetheart Dance February 9th

Here’s your child’s chance to fancy their boy/girlfriend. The middle school and teen programs is hosting a *Free* Sweetheart dance from 8-10pm on Friday, Feb. 9th for ages 11-18. The location is the MS&T headquarters in Building 1056 Mclver Street.

The plus is, registration is not required, but participants must be a member of the MS&T program. Don’t forget some chocolate and flowers, and the most important part of the evening, have fun.

This is a great opportunity for the middle schoolers and teens to get out of the house for the evening, and to unwind after a week of school, homework, and daily struggles.

Get your dancing shoes on, a nice dress or suite, grab your girlfriends, or date and cut loose. Dance the night away, or at least till it’s time to go home.