Adventures with Cousins and the Castle in the Attic

Summer is slipping away (how in the world is it already August?), and kids are getting ready to head back to school. I have been looking at the stack of books that I swore up and down that I was going to finish reading this summer. Sadly, I got through about 20 so far. BUT […]

William is spending time getting to know his little Silver Knight. Sir Simon has told him quite the story of his past and how he managed to become a leaden knight. William wants to help him, but he is also trying to keep Mrs. Phillips from leaving as well. He is learning also what it […]

If you’re looking for a little adventure to end your summer off right, sign up now for a whitewater excursion! The U.S. National Whitewater Center is located in Charlotte, NC. Activities include, white water rafting, flat water kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, zip lining, climbing, tree top elements, mountain biking and more! This is a […]

Bring your friends, inflatables, and water toys to the Outdoor Pool on NAS Jacksonville for some FUN midnight swimming! The pool will be open July 21st from 8:00pm-12:00am! Come swim under the stars. The snack bar, splash pad, and slide will all be open and available for use! This event is open to authorized personnel […]

This clinic will go over the proper mobility needed to ensure quality form while squatting and deadlifting. Mobility increases gains and keeps you injury free. Sign up today for the Squat and Deadlift Mechanics and Mobility Seminar taking place at the Outdoor Pavilion, Monday, July 10th at 1:00pm. This event is open to authorized personnel […]

Summer time is the BEST time for new movies! And this week is no exception, with the opening of Spiderman: Homecoming. The boys (hubby included) and I are SUPER excited about it! I wanted to whip up some fun Spiderman cookies for the boys to nosh on. The royal icing wasn’t my favorite, not gonna […]

Okay kids! Its our last week on this fascinating read, and of course, we cannot go out with a boring closing chapter now can we?? Its time to sit down and enjoy one last trick before our time with this book is over. Grab your snack and lets get started!! With the end of the summer […]

Tom wants to work with his father in the newspaper shop that he runs. He and J.D. have been delivering the papers, but its not until Sweyn points out that he is just a kid, that Tom’s brain really goes to work. So Tom comes up with his own plan. With the old printing press […]

Good day dear readers! June has started off with some lovely weather outside! The sunshine continued to call to me so I grabbed a book and followed the boys outside where I could read and get some sun at the same time. But I want to share some fun things coming to the My Military Savings […]

Bring your family and your pool floats to watch The LEGO Batman Movie in the outdoor pool! The movie will start at dusk on June 9th, but you’re welcome to to get in the pool at 7 pm.  This event is open to authorized personnel with base access and their guests only. There will be […]