I know, I know it’s June but Christmas is my favorite season and always thinking of things to do and buy for the kids prior to the holiday season! One of my favorite Christmas traditions, besides lots and lots of homemade cookies, is Christmas movies! It’s a Wonderful Life is a timeless classic, watched by hundreds […]

I don’t know about you but when my Christmas decorations come down at the beginning of the New Year I like to reorganize my things and DECLUTTER! That means cleaning, trashing, and donating quite a bit in order to allow room for all of the new goodies Santa has brought us! But the question I […]

One of my favorite holiday traditions is giving friends, family and neighbors holiday baked goods. And since I love it so much I always end up making enough to keep some small tins on hand to give to the postman and ups delivery drivers, especially since they seem to frequent my house almost every day […]

This month’s featured cupcake was inspired by a friend of mine 20,000 miles away (seriously, how far is it from New York to Colorado!?) that asked me for one of my favorite cupcake recipes so she could bake some for her coworker’s birthday. She has recently become a new mother and has returned to the […]

When you’re invited to a Christmas cookie exchange and completely forget about it until the night before, and then when you do remember only to realize your all out of butter sticks AND shortening, you have to get creative! So I called my grandma! And grandma has her trusty church cookbooks, and let me tell […]

My snowman-making skills are pretty minimal… I can’t even deny it. We have a few inches of snow on the ground now and my girls wanted to build snowmen sooooo badly. An hour later, everyone is mad at Mom because the snow won’t hold together and I won’t sacrifice any scarves to decorate with. After […]

The holiday season can be SUCH a busy time, there’s no reason you have to be stuck in the kitchen any longer than you want to be. Today, I have 3 really easy appetizers to share with you. The ingredient list is short and they’re nice and quick to make. My favorite kind of recipes! […]

We are experiencing an unusually mild winter here in Western New York! ❄️ In mid-November of 2014 my town (Hamburg, about 20 minutes from Buffalo, NY) was hit with around 7 feet of snow in FOUR days… in what some call a freak occurrence. I call it lake effect snow, and it stinks. But so far […]

It’s December! Usually a very busy month so I have two super simple recipes for you today. I served them up to the kiddos as an after school snack, but they would also be perfect for a holiday movie night! These recipes go great with a winter wonderland so if you have snow, well, I’m […]

The holidays can get quite expensive, am I right or am I right? You probably just prepared a month’s worth of groceries for a Thanksgiving feast and then who can resist those Black Friday deals and now it’s time to start checking off the kiddo’s Christmas wish-list… Oh, and Susie Q at work wants to […]