Share this…Mmmm… cookies are a weakness of mine. Fresh, hot, homemade cookies are absolutely delicious. During the week of spring break stop by Chick-Fil-A and buy some cookies for the kids. A portion of the proceeds will go to building a new Veteran’s Homeless Community for the area. As a military spouse this is something […]

Share this…So I made an oopsie and shared the rest of our Christmas cookies at our neighborhood potluck last night… which is fine except for the fact that my 5 year old reminded me that we now no longer have Christmas cookies to leave out for Santa. Darn it!! So here it is, absolutely, completely, […]

Coca-Cola® Star Cookies

Share this…Let’s be honest, what are the holiday’s without a delicious dessert? Well I am in charge of tasty treats for our family gathering so I was searching for a sweet treat that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. I came across these Coca-Cola® Star Cookies on and decided to give them a go. […]

Share this…Have you ever wondered what a cloud would taste like? I know that sounds crazy, but come on. Flying in a plane, looking down… or even laying in the grass and looking up… has it ever crossed your mind? I thought of it when I was little and assumed it would be like a […]

Share this…Only a couple more weeks before the witches come a flyin’!! Halloween is right around the corner and we are celebrating every way that we can. As a sort of count down, every week my daughters and I create a Halloween-themed treat. Everyone in my house happens to be on a witch-kick right now […]

Share this…In my daughter’s preschool class the parents take turns sending in snacks for all of the students once a month. This way the parents don’t have to worry about packing an individual snack for their child every day and really, the burden to send in a bag or box of something once every four […]

Nerdy Nibbles is ready for Spiderman!

Share this…Summer time is the BEST time for new movies! And this week is no exception, with the opening of Spiderman: Homecoming. The boys (hubby included) and I are SUPER excited about it! I wanted to whip up some fun Spiderman cookies for the boys to nosh on. The royal icing wasn’t my favorite, not […]

Welcome Spring With These Yummy Treats!

Share this…If you are celebrating the beauty of Spring, these Chick Cookie Balls are calling you! If you are looking for an irresistable treat for Easter, these Bunny Cookie Balls are just for you! If you are craving something sweet (and adorable) – then you need to make both! 🙂 And then call me and […]

Nerdy Nibbles

Share this…If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll probably ask for a glass of milk! My five year old is super obsessed with books (I’m so proud!) and learning to read, so I wanted to make some cute little snacks to go along with a couple of his favorite titles. These are super simple […]