First day of summer was June 21st but that doesn’t mean we are completely out of the woods for pesky allergy symptoms! Just today I woke up with horrible itchy eyes and congestion. The pollen was incredibly thick! For those of you out there that suffer from allergies like I do, the commissary is my go-to […]

If you are anything like me, I love love LOVE having friends and family over! Especially in the summer, we get the grill rollin, pull out the sprinklers or pool, tiki torches, some music and we  just enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes, we make it potluck style but others, I just invite friends over last […]

The 4th of July, our nations Independence Day is just around the corner! It is usually a day filled with fireworks, good food, smiling faces, celebrations, and a whole lot of red, white and blue! We always do the traditional hamburgers, and hot dogs for our meal with some ice cream for dessert. We follow that up […]

Summertime means late nights, beach days and poolside for many! Even in Alaska, we spend summer by the pool or ocean! It does get pretty hot up here in the summer and with little to no darkness in the summer, our nights are even longer. The warmth means shorts, skirts, dresses and bathing suits…..and travel! BIC […]

Futuristic, and comprehensive, and competitive! These are just a couple of words to explain this exciting opportunity for children from ages 9 years and up to describe the Army’s Fusionetics 4-week pilot program. This digital fitness program, incorporates science and technology to get a better understanding of how to become productive with a physical fitness […]

Midnight Sun Golf Competition Friday, June 23rd Chena Bend Clubhouse – 2090 Montgomery Road Fort Wainwright, Alaska 99703 United States  Midnight Sun celebrations are in full effect! Runs, festivals and an entire weekend full of golf! Summer solstice in Alaska means continuous daylight and continuous golf. During solstice weekend, Chena Bend Clubhouse and Golf Course […]

Alaska Goldpanners  June 21, 2017 Growden Park Time: 10:00 PM Summer in Alaska in AH-MAZE-ING!! The midnight sun gives us the opportunity to have late night activities in full daylight and completely enjoying it!! If you are at Fort Wainwright, or even JBER, don’t let the summer get by before we hit all day darkness […]

I know, I know it’s June but Christmas is my favorite season and always thinking of things to do and buy for the kids prior to the holiday season! One of my favorite Christmas traditions, besides lots and lots of homemade cookies, is Christmas movies! It’s a Wonderful Life is a timeless classic, watched by hundreds […]

Yard sales are treasured by all sellers as well as buyers! Perfect time to purge your unwanted items, and for buyers to purchase your treasurers at a super discounted price! Well this Saturday it is post wide yard sale time!! POST WIDE – 17 JUNE – 8AM – 2PM During the summer months there are […]

Peanut butter cup and Ice cream!! OH EM GEE this combination is soooo delicious! This ice cream sandwich will put all other ice cream sandwiches to shame!! As soon as I mentioned this concoction brought to us by HERSHEY’S to my kids they were all for it and fetched the ingredients…. FAST!! PEANUT BUTTER CUP ICE […]