Okay kids! Its our last week on this fascinating read, and of course, we cannot go out with a boring closing chapter now can we?? Its time to sit down and enjoy one last trick before our time with this book is over. Grab your snack and lets get started!! With the end of the summer […]

Summer is in full swing, and its time to hunker down with some fantastic reads and stay as cool as possible. However, if you are a parent, then poolside is the best place to get some reading in, and work on getting a sweet tan. We all have summer goals, and mine is to get […]

The French army is ready to attack! With the battle imminent, all forces throughout the kingdom are scrambling to ensure that they are ready. The French are assured of their victory, knowing they outnumber the armies from all the kingdoms. But there is something that they have not counted on, and something that even the […]

Mr. Milverton has divulged a huge secret to Amelia. This secret could be the change of everything, and yet, it still raises so many questions. If he is the true heir of the late Lord Baskerville, then he has quite the motive for wanting his uncle out of the way. Amelia still thinks the missing […]

Guess what?! Season 4 of Sherlock will FINALLY be on Netflix this weekend! I am SO excited! I know exactly what I’ll be doing Saturday. 😉 While perusing Pinterest, I came across bakingmischief.com who offered these ADORABLE tea tags with Sherlock themes. I was inspired by her tea bag cookies and decided to whip up […]

Individuals 18+ with base access are invited to attend a Murder Mystery Dinner! Friday, May 19 from 6:00-9:00 pm at the River Cove Catering and Conference Center. There are two ticket options for this event. A $15 ticket includes dinner and a free ticket will gain entry to the mystery, but does not include dinner. […]

Sadie and Carter are back for another magnificent adventure! They are attempting to stop the god Apophis from escaping its prison and wreaking havoc on the entire world. The Kane siblings have a plan to slip into a museum and find a statue that somehow contains a clue to how they can defeat the god […]

While the mummy has once again eluded capture, Radcliffe is worried about how his excavation is going to proceed. When Amelia and Evelyn return to the camp, Amelia is not surprised to find him already at work on the site. But the excitement is not over just yet. As the group sits to decide what […]

The appearance of the mummy is causing quite a stir in the camp! None of the natives will work the excavation, and now the mummy has slipped through their fingers again! The destruction of the painted pavement is just the beginning. The beautiful artwork has been smashed to dust. But just when things seem to […]

Mary is beginning to settle into life at Jamaica Inn. While it’s lonely, she has something of a mystery to solve as well. She knows that her uncle is up to no good, but just what he is doing she is not sure of yet. There is one thing she did not count on however, […]