Share this…Who doesn’t love Beauty and the Beast? It’s always been a Disney classic that everyone loves, so why not meet Belle and the Beast while going to an event that will benefit our Soldiers that suffer from PTSD? Have a tea party, learn to dance, learn table etiquette and meet some of the most […]

Share this…Tuesday November 7th, take the opportunity to meet and socialize with our great American heroes of the Vietnam War at the Museum of the Cape Fear. View the exhibits, listen to their stories and even have a chance to thank them as you enjoy refreshments. Retired Vietnam veteran Lt. Col. Walt Brinker, will also […]

Books on Review – My Sister’s Bones

Share this…Oh readers! How fast this summer is going! So many wonderful books, and never enough reading time! I will have another book to share with you next month! But as we move through August, we will have another author interview to look forward to (and one that I am super excited about), as well […]

PTSD & Fireworks

Share this…I’ve contemplated how to approach this sensitive subject without offending either side. Lord knows I do not feel qualified to offer advice on the subject as I battle my own demons (not combat related). With the celebration of America descending upon us in less than a week, I know my own worries are already […]