Clean & Clear® Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask for just $3.57, Price effective 8/01/17 – 8/31/17 for a 5 oz. bottle, available at your local Defense Commissary Agency. Click Here for additional savings on products from Johnson & Johnson with I just LOVE Johnson & Johnson’s Clean & Clear Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask!  […]

Frito Lay has a HOT DEAL going on this month!  I can stock up with the great sale on Frito Lay’s brand chips for my kids school lunches and after school snacks as well as for mine and my husband’s work lunches!  I’m so excited for the less than three dollars pricing for all of my family’s […]

It is that time of year again and summer has been just flying past faster than ever. Back to School shopping has begun. Why not add some savings to your back to school shopping budget? I know I have been, thanks to the always no tax at my local exchange along with their frugal pricing, […]

Summer is already coming to an end! Well, summer break, that is. Are you one of the parents singing hallelujah!? Or will you be sad to send your little (or not so little) ones off to start the new school year? And if you are stuck somewhere in the middle of those two, like me… […]

When you want to make a daiquiri that will appeal to all your friends, you may want to check out this drink recipe I came across from Brown-Foreman.  It was a smash with both mine and my husband’s friends!  It is so simple to make and it is also quite tasty as well as refreshing!  It made […]

Gerber® Grabbers

My daughter is 14 months now and she loves snacks! In between her meals, we were looking for a healthy snack option. We tried many things, but her favorite by far are Gerber® Grabbers! Why? Amaiah loves fruit and yogurt, and Gerber® Grabbers combine her favorite things into 1 yummy snack. That’s right, Gerber® Grabbers […]

Get the LOOK you WISH for!

Although it is SUMMER TIME and I feel like wearing makeup in the summer time is pointless….we ALL like to get dolled up and look more AMAZING. I live in Okinawa, Japan and the humidity here is a killer so I feel like all the sweating I do is pointless for some make-up. While the […]

Part of summer is the burgers!  My husband and our boys love eating burgers all year around.  Not only does this recipe come in time for summer, but you can cook these in your oven all year around no matter what the weather is like outside!  They are super easy to make and so mouth watering […]

I have absolutely always loved to cook and bake.  I also like to find to recipes, even if they are a twist on some of my classic family ones.  My kids have always loved my homemade apple crisp.   I came across a recipe for apple crisp with a twist from Kellogg’s!  I saw it and thought, hmm […]

Gerber® Yogurt Blends

In this house, we are truly a yogurt loving family! We can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or even just a snack. Yogurt is my son, and husbands go to snack, as they eat it daily. So of course I knew once was my daughter was able to, she would instantly take to yogurt too. Well, I […]