Tom wants to work with his father in the newspaper shop that he runs. He and J.D. have been delivering the papers, but its not until Sweyn points out that he is just a kid, that Tom’s brain really goes to work. So Tom comes up with his own plan. With the old printing press […]

Oh dear readers, I am so excited to share this book with you! I first read this about four years ago, and then devoured the rest of the series (there are two more after this book in the Welsh Trilogy). But what really sold me on this book is the fact that it captivates you […]

As the year winds down, Tom has reformed, or so the town on Adenville thinks. Christmas preperations are underway, and parents are excited to buy presents that their children might actually get to keep this year! But their older brother does not believe that Tom has changed his ways at all. In fact, he tells […]

  Good day readers!! I cannot wait to share this book review with you! I was wanting something different, a little out of the norm. When I was offered this book to read, I was excited! I could not wait to dive in and try something new. This book had me up late reading! I […]

The Grande Armee has overthrown the Pinocchio Prison, and one of the prisoners, the Masked Man, has offered his services to the General. He knows that in order to overthrow the Fairy Government they will need a dragon. He is doing his best to stay in the good graces of the General who wants to […]

Mr. Milverton has divulged a huge secret to Amelia. This secret could be the change of everything, and yet, it still raises so many questions. If he is the true heir of the late Lord Baskerville, then he has quite the motive for wanting his uncle out of the way. Amelia still thinks the missing […]

The Curse of the Pharaohs – Week 2

As the dig begins to progress, Amelia knows that it is going to be an interesting season. There has been a sighting of a white robed figure, and there have been shrieking noises heard as well. Factor in a beautiful widow, who is determined to cast her charms on Professor Emerson, it is sure to […]

After several years of sitting out of the archaeological game, the Emerson’s are about to get a chance at a tomb that will make others green with envy. After the birth of their son, they stayed out of Egypt, to allow him time to grow before heading back. But when a wealthy benefactor dies, his […]

Individuals 18+ with base access are invited to attend a Murder Mystery Dinner! Friday, May 19 from 6:00-9:00 pm at the River Cove Catering and Conference Center. There are two ticket options for this event. A $15 ticket includes dinner and a free ticket will gain entry to the mystery, but does not include dinner. […]

The League of Pensioners is stunned to learned that they will not be put into the same prison. They thought they would be sent to a prison where they could spend their time together, and laugh about the crime committed, before being released to go back and get their money. As they adjust to their […]