Avocado Mango & Salsa TRISCUIT Recipe

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintIf there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I love a good, wholesome snack! In my quest to keep my new year’s resolution, I have completely revamped my snacking habits, trading chocolate for fruits and veggies, and chips for crackers. In fact, one of my favorite snacks lately has been TRISCUIT® Crackers. […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrint If you are looking for something fun to do outdoors with the family, bring them out for a night of movie fun under the stars on May 11th.   Bring your blanket or chair, enjoy popcorn and other concessions (available to purchase) while viewing an Outdoor Movie at Scott Lake! You can make it […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintCheese and Crackers! Who doesn’t love cheese and crackers!? I know I do. It is a staple for any time of day or night. I like to mix it up a little, and Triscuit makes it so easy to do that! Whether you are using their original flavor, or any one of the delicious […]

new ritz flavors

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintRemember when I introduced the new RITZ Crisp and Thins as one of my go to snack for girl’s night, movie night, date night…or basically any night?!? You can read about it here. I LOVE them! These delicious crunchy, yet airy crisps, are the perfect snack, and so much better than boring potato chips […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintLet me paint a picture of how many of my mornings  looks when trying to get out of the house: Wake up Attempt to make breakfast that makes everyone happy Get my kids dressed which can take forever (I have two girls with their own sense of style) Brush their teeth (as well as […]

Make those school lunches HEALTHY!

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintLet’s take a few minutes and talk school lunches. They can be forever hard to put together, and half the time kids don’t like what you put in there. As a parent, you have their best interest at heart, but making healthy lunches fun can be a giant task. My kids used to bring […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintBefore school started our Post Exchange and Commissaries hit us with some amazing deals on school supplies and lunchbox items to jump start the new year. When we are buying new wardrobes, shoes, notebooks, and backpacks… we need all the savings we can get! Right!?? Right! Well… Kellogg’s completely understands. And they’ve decided to […]

Coca-Cola & Buttered Ranch Popcorn

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintLet’s be honest, life can be stressful at times. However, hosting a girl’s night is such a great way to kick back, laugh, and relax with some of my best girlfriends. And when having friends over, you always need some tasty refreshments to go with our ice cold Coca-Cola. So while looking for a […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintI went a little coconut crazy this week y’all! It’s my mom’s birthday week and she LOVES coconut so I decided to whip up a couple easy coconut Easter/Spring desserts! First up are these adorable coconut macaroon nests. The recipe is incredibly simple! I even cut it in half so I’m not eating all […]