Share this… Tylenol® Cold and Flu Severe Day and Night Caplets You don’t have to suffer through a nastily severe cold or flu thanks to relief for your symptoms from Tylenol! There are some awesome savings at your local Military Installation’s Defense Agency Commissary.  Be sure to check your local Defense Agency Commissary for the sale […]

Share this…To be prepared is half the victory. – Miguel de Cervantes Despite the fact that we have two Eagle Scouts in the family, I was recently caught unprepared for the “crud” that comes every winter. We had returned home to Baltimore on New Year’s Eve after a week of sunny weather in Tampa. The […]

Tackling those colds!

Share this…There is nothing worse than having a SICK child. At that very moment, you wish your hyperactive, loud laughing, too much talking child was back. Keeping your child healthy seems impossible sometimes because all the germs seem to attack. If you have a sick child, keeping some Tylenol in the medicine cabinet is a […]