The best sight’s are the one’s that just pop up!~


The best sight’s are the one’s that just pop up! Today while heading to a work-out run, I was stopped by a road guard. Often times during this crazy busy hectic thing we all call life, we do not want to be bothered by the mundane tasks of being stopped on a green light. I did not see what the commotion was at first. As I panned to my left, I saw the sea of army green marching toward my truck. Instincts told me to grab for my cellphone. I about cried when I realized it was my husband and his battalion in a formation march. They were headed towards a change of command ceremony. In the video that I was able to capture, I am shocked to hear my newly found slightly southern accent pop out. I laugh because I know I am where I am meant to be. My daughter was so thrilled to see her father and his peers advancing in unison. She talked about it all morning. The sight rekindled the thrill of random moments of perfect timing. Little inconveniences remind us that we are in actuality free because these men and women are willing to fight for our freedoms. A simple smile and a patience go a long way. Jubilation Y’all!~