The Day I Noticed The Signs

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So I am writing Zion’s blog in a slightly different fashion. I have been doing a lot of research lately and it’s for 1 main reason: I feel somewhat alone. I know that sounds odd, however it is the truth. You see, when Zion was diagnosed with Autism, he was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism. Many times people will tell me “he doesn’t look autistic” or “he seems normal” and I can totally understand where they are coming from. If you were to actually meet Zion in person chances are he would say hi to you and possibly give you a high five. Unless he was in one of his “moods”, you will get a sweet, loving, 3 yr old that loves to play and run around. This, is why I feel alone.


I know that there are so many other families out there that have a child with Autism that doesn’t run around and play, they may not be very loving, and they may lack the ability to use their voice to speak to others. When I tell people Zion is a child with Autism, I feel guilty, like in a way I shouldn’t be using this “label” for him. Does this make me crazy? You can be totally honest with me because I can handle it.


Zion has his challenges. Lately he has been having a lot more behavior issues. His attention span is very short, he has been being very silly at school and home. He is just overall misbehaving in not only home situations but now in public as well. He has many sensory issues that still effect him more often then not. Lately, he has been wanting us to buy every super soft thing that he comes across. He touches everything in a store just to see how soft it is. This can be chalked up to his sensory processing disorder. Also, Zion is smart. I have said this before, but he functions at almost a 5yr old cognitive level. Therefore, he doesn’t really like to play with his peers. When we take him places we notice that he is starting to try and play with other children but they are much older then he is. He thinks he is more “mature” then the age of 3, however his speech is what often holds him back. He is still somewhat hard to understand and so when he tries to speak to others to play, they often don’t know what he’s saying. I have watched my son play “around” other children, running back and forth with him, and yet these kids have no idea that he’s trying to play with them. This is a heartbreaking in a way because my son wants to be included, he just doesn’t know how.


Well with that here is a quick update: His observation for PPCD happens this coming Friday. He had a great time trick-or-treating with us, my sister, and nephew. We went to my school’s Fall Festival a few days ago and he really enjoyed himself. He has been doing well in speech as far as learning goes. He can consistently tell me everything he learned that day. I am beyond proud of the progress he has made! As always I truly appreciate you reading and watching. Questions, comments, feedback is always accepted and appreciated.

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