The Day I Noticed The Signs

So let’s start with the hard part of my blog. Zion had a melt down about a week ago and I have to be honest, I have no real idea why. That’s problem with his sensory issues and limited speech, he can’t always tell us what is wrong or what is bothering him. He started crying about taking a bath, and then about watching TV. I finally just turned off the TV and told him it was time for bed. I picked him up and he started screaming, crying, hitting, and kicking me. I haven’t experienced this with him since on our way back from Boston in March. So needless to say, it is something I am not used to. After he calmed down a little, we both sat on the couch, Zion on my lap, and I started to cry. I am not sure why I cried, but it was something I just couldn’t help. I am even crying as I type this. I was holding Zion in my arms and I think it just kind of hit me that these things are going to happen, and I need to learn to cope with it. A lot goes on in my son’t mind and I really hope that one day he can better communicate these things with me.

So on to good things.. Zion is doing great in Speech Therapy! The School Psychologist said his observation went well and so now we are just waiting to schedule an ARD date. Also we got Zion’s school pictures back and Oh.. my.. goodness!!! They came out better then I could have imagined! We not only got a smile but we got AMAZING eye contact which is rare for Zion!! Oh and to add to the good news, Zion got his 1st TEAR-FREE haircut!! Yes, we took him for a haircut and he didn’t cry at all!! The lady was even able to use clippers on him! They were quiet clippers and we showed them to him beforehand. He was scared at first but then he relaxed and she was able to clean up around his neckline. Talk about a proud moment!! We told him how awesome he did and proud we were of him!


Other then that we have been trying to figure out what to do for Thanksgiving. Everything was up in the air because my dad was supposed to have heart surgery this past Friday. Well a couple days before, they spoke to the doctor and they decided on a less invasive procedure first, to better determine if heart surgery was needed or if something else could be done. Turns out it isn’t needed! So now we are back to making plans for Thanksgiving. We also decided that starting next year (when we are in our new house) we will be hosting some basic trainee soldiers. We live very close to Lackland AFB, which is home to ALL Air Force basic trainees and so every year you can invite them to your home for Thanksgiving dinner. I look forward to doing this!


Thank you so much for reading! We truly appreciate your support and kind words! See you in 2 weeks!