The Day I Noticed The Signs

First off sorry for no video, my computer was not cooperating! Zion has had a pretty good 2 weeks. We did have a great Thanksgiving though! Long story short, my dad was supposed to have heart surgery which put dinner on the rocks. He ended up not having to have it and so we celebrated as scheduled, which we were all thankful for! In the morning we went and did some helping in the community. Every year they have a Thanksgiving dinner for the community of San Antonio. Some people that attend are less fortunate and some just choose to celebrate the holiday there. We had signed up for homebound meal delivery and decided to take Zion with us. We explained to him that the people we were taking food to were unable to go and get their food on their own. Zion really enjoyed doing this and was so happy to help us! The picture below is of Zion going to drop off food with Jeremiah.


Besides that, Zion has still been having behavior issues off and on. There are so many developmental issues that I still see and am really hoping that they can speed up the process for getting him into school. He needs a lot of basic social skills that I feel only a school environment can give him. I am looking into calling this week to see as to when we can setup an ARD meeting. His speech is steadily improving although it’s still hard for people to understand him. However, he is putting so many more words together to form longer phrases in order to communicate with us. For example, he had his iPad and I thought he said he wanted to use it. Well I told him it was too late for it and he told me “I didn’t say I was going to use, I said I was going to put it up.” I was shocked! This is the longest phrase he’s ever told us!


My parents put up Christmas lights and decorations this past week and Zion was really excited about it. He loves looking at the lights. He gets really excited and tends to stem a lot on them. I love to see him happy. We got him LeapTV for Christmas, as well as a 2.5ft dinosaur! Every time we went to the store he would show me the dinosaur. I can’t wait to see his little face light up when he sees it! I was off of work all week for Thanksgiving and so spending time with my babies was pretty awesome! I can’t wait for winter break (in 2 weeks) so I get 2 weeks off!!

That’s all for this week! Thank you so much for reading. We truly appreciate your support on this crazy, yet amazing journey that Zion is on! We will see you in 2 weeks!