The Day I Noticed The Signs

So the last 2 weeks have been pretty good up until yesterday (12/17). Let’s start with the good. I spoke to the School Psychologist from Zion’s school and she informed me that his ARD (meeting) date will be January 25th. This will be the day we talk about services for Zion and his start date for PPCD. I am hoping that Jeremiah can go with me so that way he can hopefully understand this process better. I know he doesn’t always understand the things that are happening with Zion, so maybe this can give him a clearer picture of what is needed for Zion going forward. We went to Family Reading Night at Zion’s school last week and he actually did really well! He listened to the choir preform, played reading games, and even took a picture with Santa! He hesitated at first, but went and stood next to him! I was so excited!! We also went to Sea World last weekend and Zion loved it! Seeing all the animals really made him happy and excited. He got to watch some shows and see all the beautiful Christmas lights they had at the park.


Now the not so great things. We went to a birthday party and Zion didn’t do very well the majority of the time. It was outside and in a rural area so bugs (which he obsesses about) were plentiful. The environment was just completely different then what he was used to and so he had a lot of break downs. My husband sometimes gets frustrated with Zion’s behavior and I am constantly having to remind him that Zion’s brain is just a little bit different so we need to understand that he deals with things differently sometimes. Zion has his quirks but he has so many amazing things about him and his personality, I wouldn’t ever change anything about him! I have learned so much from Zion and I am beyond grateful that I have been chosen as this little boy’s mommy!


His speech has been going well. I have heard massive improvements in his speech and what he is able to communicate with us. He made a cute little ornament for him and his sister. He is even learning to write his name and you can see it on the back of the ornament in the picture below. He counted to 110, knows his letters and most of their sounds, and can pretty much name any dinosaur presented to him. Zion is so smart and I literally see him getting smarter daily. I am such a proud mama!!

As always, thank you for the support of our little guy. Learning about Autism from my son has been a blessing in disguise. We have been able to embrace Zion’s needs and because of him, I have gained so much more life experience then I could have ever imagined. See you in 2 weeks!