The Day I Noticed The Signs

Zion has had a pretty good couple of weeks. He still continues to throw small tantrums but we are learning how to deal with these in a better way. It’s crazy because I am a Special Education Teacher and have more then 5yrs experience with kids that have all kinds of disorders, so you would think this would be easy for me. Well, honestly it is different when it is your own child. Today Zion had a tantrum and he was very over stimulated. He refused to do anything and was yelling and crying. We decided to just walk away from him and wait it out. After about 10min he stopped crying and came to where me and Jeremiah were. He started talking to us and I asked if he was ready to brush his teeth. He yelled out NO and ran away to cry again. After about 5 more min, he came back and was ready to continue his day, which included brushing his teeth. We are learning as we go. I would give anything to understand what goes on inside of my son’s head when he gets over stimulated. I want to help him, and slowly I am learning how to.


Wednesday is Zion’s ARD date. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is his official meeting to place him in a PPCD classroom. This is a early childhood classroom for children with disabilities. Zion is very smart, even the teacher told me she is writing kindergarten level goals for him, but developmentally and socially he is behind. He stems a lot (which may or may not ever go away, who knows), is socially awkward and inappropriate at times, and needs to work on his social skills. These are all reasons that they have decided to place him in the PPCD program. As some of you may remember they didn’t accept him into this program over the summer because they said he had “no academic need to be in school”. Well I am glad that the Speech Therapist and LSSP at his current campus saw his needs and were abel to get him the services necessary.

As always thank you so much for reading and watching. We appreciate everyone that has supported Zion’s journey. It is always a great feeling to know you aren’t allow out there! See you next week!