The Day I Noticed The Signs

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Zion’s first couple of weeks of school have been a success! He wakes up everyday and is so excited to go to school. He walks in, puts his folder in the bin, hangs up his backpack and sits at his table. Everyday he comes home and we do his homework together. He seems to really like to school and I have actually seen an improvement in his “silly” behaviors already. He sings the alphabet that song (from class) at home and I love to hear about his day. We work on his handwriting daily because he seems to struggle in that area. They made goals for him and in all honesty I have seen him master most of them already. He knows pretty much all his letter sounds and we work on rhyming words. On Valentine’s Day he brought home all kinds of goodies from his classmates. His teachers have said that he has been doing very well. I am so so so proud of Zion!

The second week of school we attempted cafeteria breakfast and that didn’t go so well. He was very uncomfortable and didn’t want to eat his food. We told him several days before that we would be eating breakfast there and he seemed all for it, however the day of, it just didn’t work. This week coming up, they are having a Cowboy Breakfast at his school and so we are going to go. I am hoping Zion is okay and will enjoy things with us.


Zion has had a couple of tantrums but the worst was probably about 2 weeks ago. We went to some friends house to watch the game and were there for about 5 hours. Zion played the entire time and once it started to get late we decided to leave. My husband and I will totally take the blame for this because we didn’t give Zion a countdown like we normally do. We just told him it was time to go and BOOM, instant freak out and tears. I gave him the chance to say bye to everyone and he refused. What makes this even better is that Amaiah refuses to sleep while we are out so she was very tired and starting to cry/scream. Needless to say we were trying to get out of there to save everyone’s ear drums. We got to the car and Zion told me he wanted to say bye to people so I let him. We went inside and again he just hid behind me and refused. So we went back to the car where I literally had to force him in. He was kicking and hitting me. It brought me to tears. He screamed in the car for a solid 25 min. When the screaming stopped, I turned around and he was asleep. I told my husband I would give anything in the world to understand what goes through his mind when these things happen. I wish I knew why he can’t process certain things the way you and I do. We got home, he stayed asleep, and that was our night.

I know that things are going to happen and we have to get better at accommodating Zion. I was asked if I give Zion accommodations or if I just make him deal with it. To be honest, we do both. There are some things that yes, Zion needs to understand that is the way it needs to be and deal with it. On the other hand, there are things I know my son doesn’t process well and so we make those accommodations. I would never take him somewhere that the noise or people really freak him out and make him stay in that environment. We normally give him a countdown when we are leaving or getting ready to make a change (minus that night I explained above, and you see what happens). So yes, we do both and I make no apologies for that.

That is all for this week. We will be back next week for another update on Zion. Thank you again for reading and watching! We appreciate all the support!


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