The Day I Noticed The Signs

So recently Zion has been getting very overstimulated. He has been having more meltdowns and just more frustrated with things in general. I bought him a “fidget spinner” or whatever those things are called and it has actually seemed to help him. Although this stimulates his mind as well, it is actually in a more calm way. I am hoping with summer break coming we can keep a routine going so that his mind will keep moving and stay motivated.

This brings me to my next thought. We have a child at my campus that is non-verbal and Autistic. He spoke until the age of 2 and then just stopped. Is it weird or crazy that sometimes, even with all the language Zion has gained, I feel like this could still happen to him? I guess what I mean is that I worry constantly that Zion is just going to wake up one day and not speak to us anymore. I know this sounds crazy, but it happens, and it happens more then people think. My friend that I work with asked me if this ever did happen would I try to teach him sign language. I told her I would do everything in my power to give my child the tools to be able to communicate with me. Am I the only one that “fears” this? I don’t like to say fear because regardless of what comes our way, we are ready, but this is just something that tends to give me anxiety.

We celebrated Mother’s Day in a simple way by staying home and relaxing. However, I did attend a Mother’s Day Celebration at Zion’s school. They gave us breakfast and did a little slideshow for us. It was so cute and I loved every moment of it! Zion also made me a beautiful picture and filled out a little questionnaire about me. Most of the questions were way off as far the answers as, but it was so stinking cute! It said “I love my mommy because her make my food. I love her” awwww!! I love that little guy of mine!


We celebrated Amaiah’s 1st birthday a couple of weeks ago! Can you believe it, she is already a 1 year old. I feel like I was just pregnant with her and wondering how Zion was going to take to his baby sister. Well I am proud to say that Zion tells Amaiah often that he loves her. He gives her kisses, tells her good morning and good night, and will even protect her! This makes my heart so happy because for a while there he didn’t even acknowledge that he had a sister. So happy birthday (again) to our sweet baby girl. Zion has already started planning his own birthday party. Looks like a Plants vs Zombies theme is now in the works.

As always thank you for reading. I am thinking next blog I will do a video since many of y’all haven’t seen Zion (through video) in a long time. I am sure he will be eager to talk to everyone and you will be able to see how much his speech has improved. Until next time, thank you for reading.