The Price is Right!

What is everyone’s guilty pleasure day time t.v. show? I know that while I was growing up there was slim pickings on t.v. if I was home sick, unless it was a judge show, daytime soaps……….. but I know I could always rely on the price is right!! I would still love to be a contestant on that show!!! Bob Barker would always come on the screen, super excited along with the contestants… it was great!!

I’ll bet you didn’t know that Bob Barker was in the military!! That’s right, Robert William Barker served as a 2LT in the Naval Reserve….. as a fighter pilot!!

Let’s turn back the clock a little….

Bob Barker was born in Washington in 1923 and spent the majority of his youth on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, and he is an official member of the Sioux Tribe. His family eventually moved to Springfield, Missouri, where he attended high school and Drury College on a basketball scholarship!! While in college he was a member of the Epsilon Beta Chapter of Sigma Nufraternity at Drury. With the outbreak of World War II, Bob Barker enlisted and served in the United States Navy as a fighter pilot!! The war ended a couple years later and Barker decided to finish his education at Drury, graduating summa cum laude with a degree in economics.

He began his career in the public eye while he was attending college. Beginning on KTTS- FM radio, then WWPG 1340 AM an onto T.V.!

Truth or Consequences (1956–1974)

End of the Rainbow (1957–1958)

The Family Game (1967)

Simon Says (1971)

That’s My Line (1980–1981)

The Price Is Right (1972–2007)


SOOOO COOL!!!! We salute you today, Bob Barker!! Thank you for your service and ongoing entertainment!