They Are NEVER Forgotten

Memorial Day History Video from the History Channel

Memorial Day isn’t about backyard barbeques or getting three days off from work and school!  It isn’t another type of Veteran’s Day either, nor is it an excuse to have a Federal Holiday.  It is about much more than that.  It is about every man and woman who died for our freedom and liberties in every war that we have ever had.  It is about those who stood so that we didn’t have to run!

It is about paying tribute and honoring our Military’s Fallen and their Families.  It is about remembering that though we may not know any of those who paid the ultimate price for us, and that while they didn’t have to serve and thus sacrifice for us, they did so… bravely and with integrity.  We honor them and remember their loyalty to us and our freedoms.  We should always remember them and be grateful, but this is the one time of year we can take time out to say thanks and pay tribute to them.

It has been almost since the beginning of time that a few have stood and fought for the people.  A select handful of brave men and women who were willing to give all if necessary so that we could have the opportunities we have.   Those whom refused to allow bullies run the school yard unchecked!  So while we wake up each day with our family and friends, remember someone gave up theirs so that we could enjoy ours.

Let’s also not forget (especially in recent wars and conflicts) the animals who serve and have paid the ultimate price with their lives too!  For their service and sacrifice played just as important role as their human battle buddies!