Welcome to Winter Orientation January 25th

Date: Jan 25, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Army Community Service – Last Frontier Community Activity Center,  Building 1044 Apple Street Fort Wainwright, Alaska 

If you are new to Fort Wainwright, welcome! Living in Alaska is such an adventure and scary all the same time. The extreme winter temperatures can raise TONS of questions. For those that have been here for sometime still have questions themselves! Don’t miss out on the Welcome to Winter orientation! It is held at the Last Frontier Community Activity Center. This briefing will prepare and educate Soldiers, Family Members and new DoD Employees on how to be successful during the Alaskan winters. Learn about preparing your vehicle for winter (winterization), winter driving techniques, winter maintenance procedures, what to carry in your winter emergency kit in the car, proper clothing, caring for your pets in the cold, and much more.

This presentation is a must for all new arrivals to Fort Wainwright, you will learn TONS! That said, enjoy Alaska!