Wreath Retrieval January 13th

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This time of year is always special and gives us a chance to remember the loved ones that we have and the ones that we’ve lost. Unfortunately, for many veteran graves in the area they do not have someone to visit their graves. The Wreath Project comes in during those times and places wreaths on the graves of the many men and women within Central Texas. They are now needing help removing the wreaths on the several thousand graves.

Here are the details:
You’re invited to participate in the annual Wreath Project.

The Wreath Project is a community effort to express our remembrance and appreciation for veterans and their families during the holiday season by placing a wreath at each of the more than 8,000 graves in the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery. Your support is needed more than ever to prepare, lay and retrieve the wreaths.

Make the Wreath Project one of your family’s holiday traditions.

The Wreath Retrieval will be January 13 at 10 a.m. at the State Veterans Cemetery, 11463 State Highway 195.

For more information: Click Here