On April 29th, approximately 500 koinobori-carp streamers will be hoisted up to celebrate the Children’s Day season at the Minatogawa Community Center. Children’s Day is a national holiday celebrated in Japan and is the last celebration in Golden Week. Children’s Day was originally known as Tango no Sekku and was originally a holiday celebrating boys and their fathers. The holiday was changed to celebrate all children. In honor of Children’s Day “koinobori” or carp banners are seen throughout Japan. The koinobori carps represent the father, mother and children of the family but originally used to represent the sons and were flown in hopes that the sons grew healthy and strong. The Yaese Koinobori are a sight to see! Admission is free to this event.¬†For more information call 098-998-2344 or visit www.town.yaese.lg.jp/yaese_sight/.

Koinobori carp streamers