2018 Kadena Eisa Festival August 26th

It’s almost time for the Kadena Eisa Festival! The Kadena Eisa Festival will take place on Sunday, August 26th from 6:20- 10 pm on Shinmachi Street near Kadena Circle. Eisa is a traditional Okinawan dance that uses taiko drumming and chanting and is performed during Obon, a Buddhist holiday which honors the spirits of their ancestors. The Kadena Eisa Festival is a yearly event taking place on the day after the end of Obon. Seven groups are set to perform Eisa dances on the main strip.

The street is closed for street traffic from 5 pm until 10 pm so it is advised to use public transportation to the event. Event location is on Shinmachi Street, 446, Kadena, Kadena Town (https://goo.gl/maps/f6qI2). For more information please call 098-956-2810.