Alamo City Comic Con October 26th-28th

This weekend is the annual Alamo City Comic Con at the Alamo Dome downtown!  There will be lots of celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeff Goldblum and William Shatner. Comic book artists and writers from DC and Marvel Comics. Tons of art and merchandise on sale and always amazing and rare things you only find at these events.

I went with my husband and kids that other year so he could meet one of his Sci-Fi heroes, Edward James Olmos.  I was surprised by how nice and down to earth he was with his fans and gave my husband a super nice autograph about how he appreciated his military service.

Tickets start at $10 for kids and has different prices for adults depending on which day you go. Dress up as your favorite superhero or villain and have fun with at the nerdiest weekend in town.