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Aliens on Vacation – Week Four

D-Day has arrived at Grandma’s house. The Sheriff and a large group of people are waiting outside. Having given the house an hour to come outside peacefully, the crowd waits with growing anticipation. Having requested the Intergalactic Police Force, Scrub, Grandma and Mr. Harnox are inside, trying to remain calm and figure out what to do next. Scrub knows it is all his fault, and Sheriff Tate is just itching to get inside the house and prove once and for all aliens exist. One look at Mr. Harnox, and the game will be up, especially since he has stated that he will defend them if he has to. Scrub has to work fast to come up with a solution.

He finally realizes the only way to save the business is to make the Sheriff’s plan backfire. Tipped off by Amy that the Sheriff plans to distract the occupants of the house while his deputy creates a commotion out back to allow the Sheriff inside the home, Scrub knows he has to act fast. As quickly as he can, he puts together the most outlandish costume he has, and then sneaks outside and around the house. As he appears, the Sheriff gets excited and captures him, only to find to his dismay, that it is just Scrub. As the crowd begins to leave and shake their heads at the outlandish stories that the Sheriff has been feeding them, Scrub gets an idea of what he has done. He saved Grandma’s business, but he has ruined the reputation of the Sheriff, and in doing so, assumes that Amy will never speak to him again.

With Grandma’s house safe for the time being, they now have to wonder what is going to happen next. When Amy knocks on the door to let him know that they are leaving town, he is crushed. He is also shocked at the appearance of the sheriff. He looks defeated and tired. Just when they are getting ready to leave, the unthinkable happens. The Intergalactic Police FINALLY show up, and to make matters worse, Amy and her dad are still there. But what happens next is going to shock everyone…

This week we are reading Chapters 22-Epilogue


  1. Scrub’s costume was the result of quick thinking. Do you think he should have thought of the long term affects it would have on Grandma and the Sheriff?
  2. When Scrub questions his Grandma over her retirement plan, what do you think of her plan?
  3. Amy lets Scrub know that she has known there were aliens around the entire time. Do you feel that he should have been more honest with her?
  4. What did you think of the book!? Did you enjoy it!?





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