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Aliens on Vacation – Week Three

Just when Scrub thinks things can’t get any worse over the summer, they do.  Sheriff Tate has let Scrub know that he is going to close down Grandma’s business, no matter what. Scrub knows that he is to blame. But, when he gets home to let Grandma know what is going on, there is a new family waiting for him! The “Jungle Boys” as Scrub calls them are so full of energy, and they never seem to sit still. He manages to distract them by teaching them how to play basketball. But the enormous size of the parents makes it impossible for them to stay. But leave it to Grandma to come up with a plan. She convinces the parents to allow the three boys to stay for one night, where they will get to experience camping. Scrub is nervous! He has never been camping before, but how hard could it be!? If he can just get the “Jungle Boys” to behave, they should be fine, right??

As they set out on their camping expedition, they are met with a scary situation. Sheriff Tate is also the local Boy Scout leader, and they have chosen that day as their annual camping trip as well. Scrub manages to get the boys to act like trees, but is hoping for a less eventful evening. As they set up camp and get settled for the night, all Scrub can think about is the chance of maybe meeting Amy. As soon as the boys fall asleep, off he goes. But excitement soon breaks out when greenish glowing is seen streaking through the trees. With the age of technology, the aliens are caught on camera. Scrub and the boys break for Grandma’s house.

When Scrub awakens the next morning, the Bed and Breakfast is in an uproar. Alien tourists are on their way out, and upset at their vacations being cut short. Grandma is in a bad mood, and the alien boys are gone. When Grandma gives him the morning paper, his stomach falls as he realizes just how much danger he has put Grandma in. Now there is a large crowd outside the house, all wanting to get inside and see what is going on. Sheriff Tate is doing his best to maintain the crowd, but keeping them riled up at the same time.

What is Scrub going to do!?

This week we are reading Chapters 15-21


  1. When Scrub learns that Sheriff Tate is Amy’s dad, should he have been more careful around her?
  2. The “Jungle Boys” are excited about a night of camping in the woods. Should Scrub have been more honest with Grandma about what a bad idea it was?
  3. When Scrub left the boys sleeping in the forest, did he act irresponsibly? Did he put them all in more danger than he realized?




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