Bailey’s Cool Raspberry

Hello there everyone! I hope you all made it through the Thanksgiving holiday unscathed. My family and I had a wonderfully relaxing and great time. Now, I’m ready for Christmas! The countdown is on people! It’s always been a tradition that my husband and I put the kids to bed, make a couple drinks, and wrap presents. Sometimes I can even talk him into listening to Christmas music. HA! It’s so much fun and I look forward to it every year! I wanted to try something different this holiday season. Something tasty but also festive! I found this recipe straight off the Bailey’s website JUST to try for you! Guess what? It’s a winner!

Bailey’s Cool Raspberry

  • Bailey’s Irish Cream, 1-2 ounces per drink
  • Fresh Raspberries, 6-8 per drink plus optional decoration
  • Crushed Ice

That’s it, folks! So easy and SO yummy. The fresh raspberry really makes this drink amazing. Plus, it’s super easy to make!


Toss 6-8 raspberries in the bottom of a glass. Muddle together. Muddle is just a fancy word for smash ’em up. 😉


I use a wooden spoon handle to muddle my berries. Whatever works, right?


Add crushed ice on top of the berries. It doesn’t have to be crushed ice. Crushed ice is my favorite. You can certainly use whatever ice you prefer! (Team Crushed!)


Top with Bailey’s. YUM! So easy and so refreshing. It’s like a drink and dessert all in one. A super delicious dessert! The tart berry cuts through the sweetness of the Bailey’s and balances the flavors perfectly.


It’s pretty too! These drinks are fantastic to have with some Christmas cookies while wrapping presents.


Top with a couple raspberries for decoration if you feel like it. So fancy!


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