Bunnicula – Week 1

Alright kiddos, its time to grab those books and prepare for some fun and delightful reading!! We are enjoying this book here so far, and my boys are hooked!! Told from the perspective of a cat and dog, we are in for howl-ific fun!!

The Monroe family are not your normal pet family people. They talk to their pets as though they can understand everything, which as told by Chester and Harold, they can. But their tranquil home life (or as peaceful as it can be with two young boys living in the house) is about to be turned upside down with the arrival of a new pet. While at the movie theaters, one of the boys sat on something, which turned out to be a baby rabbit. Bringing the pet home with them, the boys are in an uproar over who will get to care for, who’s room the bunny will sleep in, and of course, who gets to give it a new name. Mrs. Monroe comes to the rescue with the name Bunnicula for the rabbit, and the rest of the family agrees.

Chester however, has a different take on the new member of the family. While he indulges his nighttime habit of reading, (who knew cats loved books too…) he happens to get a decent look at the newcomer. He swears up and down that there is a black V on its forehead, and that it appeared to be wearing a cape of some sort. But the icing on the cake is when he tells Harold that instead of having normal teeth, the new pet has FANGS!

What have the Monroe family gotten themselves into?? This week, we are going to be reading chapters 1-2!!


  1. If you found a pet while you were out, would you bring it home?? Would your parents let you??
  2. What do you think of Chester’s reading choices?
  3. Harold is pretty laid back, but he follows Chester’s lead. Do they have anything to worry about with the new pet?