Castle in the Attic – Week 2

William is spending time getting to know his little Silver Knight. Sir Simon has told him quite the story of his past and how he managed to become a leaden knight. William wants to help him, but he is also trying to keep Mrs. Phillips from leaving as well. He is learning also what it means to take care of another person. He is having to provide all the food for his knight. While they get more acquainted. While William has been providing all the good, Sir Simon is getting to where he can start asking for things, and one of the things he misses is company. While William can spend time with him, it is not the same as having someone your own size to deal with.

One of the things that Sir Simon asks for is female companionship. When he says that, William gets an idea. An idea that takes hold and refuses to be removed. He can make Mrs. Phillips the size of Sir Simon, providing him with a friend and keeping her with him forever. It seems to be the perfect plan. Sir Simon tells William that he must tell her about his plan, and she has to agree with him on it. or time for her will not stop. If the person agrees to become smaller, then when they are made larger again it will return them to the exact time that they left. But if they do not agree, time continues to move forward. William waits until the day she leaves to put his plan into action. He puts Sir Simon into a small pouch on his waist, with instructions to make her small as she is walking toward the  bus. Sir Simon uses the token to make Mrs. Phillips small, and William is hoping that she will be happy with the new surroundings. But she is furious. William did not tell her beforehand of his plan, and she is disappointed with the way the he has acted.

Sir Simon takes Mrs. Phillips under his wing, and shows her around the castle, and to where her lodgings are. While she has refused to speak to William at all, he holds out hope that she will come around to the idea of being small, at least for a while. But then he gets the idea that maybe he should be small himself, and then he could explain it to her himself. He gathers a bag together and prepares to go what promises to be the adventure of a lifetime…

This week we are reading Chapters 6-9


  1. William is afraid to tell his best friend about the Silver Knight. Do you think his best friend would have helped him?
  2. What do you think about the plan that William has for keeping Mrs. Phillips with him?
  3. Were you surprised when she was angry with William for what he had done?