Beyond the Horizons – Week 3

This week we are waging war with the Apache, and witnessing the rise in hostilities. Soldiers who were trying to make names for themselves, and Indians who just wanted to be left alone on their own land, begin to retaliate against the white man coming in. The Indian Chief Cochise has succeeded in several successful […]

Howliday Inn – Week 3

Harold is alone.. he has had his best friend taken from him. Chester might have been annoying at times, but he was smart and good company. Harold is determined that he will solve the mystery of his friends death, and he begins by talking to each of the animals in the yard. Someone has to know something, […]

Howliday Inn – Week 2

Chester and Harold are slowly settling into their new accommodations while their humans are on vacation. But there are sure some strange happenings going on at Chateau Bow-Wow. While the two get adjusted to their new companions, Chester is convinced that something is going on.. something sinister. For a while Harold tells himself that its […]

Trumpet of the Swan – Week 4

Louis is a very popular bird!! His trumpet playing is a novelty for crowds everywhere. Before long, Louis gets another job offer, playing for a night club in Philadelphia. He plays there for ten weeks, and earns more than enough money to repay the shop owner for the trumpet and the damage to the window. […]

Trumpet of the Swan – Week 3

Have you ever seen a Swan hold a job!? Louis worked through the summer as a camp counselor. While he was there, it was his job to wake up the boys at the camp with his trumpet, and then to put them to bed at night with Taps. During the summer, one of the boys […]