Sidewalk Sales = More SAVINGS!

Before school started our Post Exchange and Commissaries hit us with some amazing deals on school supplies and lunchbox items to jump start the new year. When we are buying new wardrobes, shoes, notebooks, and backpacks… we need all the savings we can get! Right!?? Right! Well… Kellogg’s completely understands. And they’ve decided to not […]

Cookies ‘N Cream Pudding from HERSHEY’S

I’m sure that ya’ll have those families that have no picky eaters right!? No?? Well, maybe can understand the dilemma we have in our household. DESSERT! Who would have thought that dessert could cause a minor meltdown in some of my kids, sometimes its nuclear meltdown when I serve the wrong dessert. Easy solution is, […]

Sweet and Tender Pork Stew, Crock-pot Style!

You know what I love, love, love, LOVE about the fall months!?? Stews and crock-pot meals! Let’s face it, using a slow cooker just makes life so much easier. The problem is finding recipes that keep the meat tender and flavorful without giving it a dry, been-cooking-for-6-hours taste. Ya know what I mean? Sure you […]