Push Light Chalk Decorating #MMSCraft

Chalk paint is all the rave right now or has been for some time now. I have been known to do a little spray here and there of chalk paint. It’s such a cool concept for everyday things you have in your home. When I was going nuts with the chalk paint I came across […]

Household Item Hacks #MMSHacks

Every Friday I bring you fun crafts you can do with your family. This week I wanted to change it up a bit with my ideas you can use at home! It’s all about reduce, reuse and recycle right? There are so many items we throw away without realizing the potential of giving it new […]

Cereal Box Lacing Cards #MMSCraft

Have you ever looked in your pantry and thought..”Goodness we eat a lot of cereal..” No? Ok maybe it’s just me. Cereal is my absolute favorite. My kids have to be in the right mood for it, but me.. I could it eat it all day everyday. I got thru phases where it’s nothing but […]

Writing Utensil Holder #MMSCraft

Instead of just calling it a pencil cup, because this isn’t just a pencil cup this week’s MMSCraft is a fancy writing utensil holder! Super easy and you can decorate to fit your home or to share as a gift! We can use jars, cups, small boxes or purchase the actual holders at the office […]

Basic Crafting Supplies

Each week we bring you crafting ideas you can share with your family. Have you ever noticed that I have a few “core” items I use often? This week I wanted to prepare you for the busy holiday crafting season that will start soon with Back to School teacher ideas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course […]