Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintIt’s time for Valentine’s Day crafts! I love Valentine’s Day! As I child I always remember that my parents would have balloons and stuffed animals waiting for us after school on Valentine’s Day; and yes I also do this for my boys. It’s great to start traditions with your own family. Crafting done amazing things […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintIt’s one of those school celebrations that you know comes every year, but you’re never prepared for. That’s okay, we’ve got you covered!! This week’s easy craft will save you with last minute Valentine’s Day box for your kids! Some schools don’t make Valentine’s Day an “official” party day anymore, but they like to let […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintSchool break is almost here, and we are going to need something to keep those little hands busy! This super cute Santa Cork Ornament is a lot of fun to make, and a great family afternoon activity! Perfect for little gifts for friends and family alike! Stay out of the cold and ick, and […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintNo matter how hard you try to avoid it, there will always be that one hard-head that absolutely refuses to give any gift ideas for themselves. So what do you do? Buy them something that you know they probably wouldn’t use…. or give in and give them cash? My family has always disliked giving […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintHappy Holidays! My kids have been BEGGING me lately to make homemade ornaments. Now, I like to craft, but I usually enjoy solitary crafting. It’s MY time to unwind and relax. The thought of crafting with the kids stresses me out just a little bit. HA! Being in the holiday spirit though, I decided […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintChances are you are 1 of 4 different types of Christmas people: You don’t do Christmas cards at all. If you receive them, great, but you’re definitely not concerning yourself with sending them. “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.” You grab a pack of Christmas cards when you happen to stumble upon them at […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintI came across an old Mom and Pop’s store a while back that was full of silhouette art using all sorts of mediums as backgrounds. One of my particular favorites was a framed newspaper article that had the shadow of charming birds flying around printed on top, which later inspired me to create something similar […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintMy table centerpiece is typically a bowl full of oranges and lemons (plastic, of course, ’cause we don’t eat those fruits like that… I prefer to not have breakfast, talking over a display of moldy citrus- yuk!) but I thought it was time to switch up my table decoration for the holidays. I have […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrint–> Arrows are the new thing right now, and I’ve been seeing them everywhere in every home decorating store. They have become popular in tattoos, jewelry, prints on shirts, and of course… wall hangings. I’m not sure how long the fad will last but I thought, hey, I can do something with this while […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintSewing is a skill I have come no where close to mastering. I can cross-stitch and follow a pattern but you want that hem sewed straight on your pants? Don’t ask me! My husband learned the hard way! 🙂 I have managed replacing a button that popped off but anything else requiring needle and […]