Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintSummer is quickly winding down. Too soon, the Friday night get together’s will be no more. Back to school crazy, and fall activities will overtake the lazy weekend plans that we held over the warmer months. BUT THEY ARE NOT GONE YET! We will have a handful of these weekends left! We are planning […]

Gentleman Jack Mint Julep

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintHappy Weekend! This has been one of the longest months ever! I sent my kids to their grandparents, thinking that I would get so many things done while they were gone. I should have known that I was kidding myself! I got NOTHING accomplished that I set out to do! The ONE thing that […]

Black Raspberry Margarita with el Jimador Tequila

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintWhat a treat el Jimador Tequila has in store for you this weekend! Weekends are meant for fun! Bring in lots of fun this weekend with this deliciousness! This week we have been spending time with family, and what better way to unwind after a long week than to sit back with a drink, […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintHappy weekend! Welcome back to the Happy Hour Cafe!  While we prepare to de-stress from the week, and get the weekend crazy going. It is time to prepare for the two days of downtime, and mentally prepare for the coming week. No matter what you have going on, take some YOU time. Personal time […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintFriday has once again graced us with its presence. I have been counting down to Friday, well, since the last Friday rolled around. Tonight is all about bonfires and family time. This weekend has already been claimed for other events and activities. I am prepping for the 4th of July, and this drink is […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintHappy Friday!! I know that I cannot be the only one who looks forward to Friday each week! I love the promise of a semi-quiet weekend. But more importantly, I love the time with friends and my family.  This weekend started out completely full, but due to the weather, things have been shuffled and […]